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3.1.1 To participate in any League and Cup competitions, teams must have a full Performance Bond as well as their Annual Affiliation Fee on deposit with the league by not later than January 31st of the seasonal year.(see Fees & fines in APPENDIX )

a) Pay the “Team Registration Fee” on or before the date indicated in the Payment Schedule (2.7.3).

b) Have a permitted, lined field that meets FIFA requirements,

c) Provide a primary contact with reasonable access to Internet and e-mail.

d) Have paid any fees or fines assessed by the Board.

e) Be represented at the AGM and all Membership Meetings or be subject to a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) per meeting and loss of good standing with the league. Team’s representation shall be by verified by a roll call.

3.2.1 Member teams shall register from a minimum of 15 players up to 25 players each season on their Player Roster on or before the first day of competition (see League Calendar).

3.2.2 Players who had been registered during the preceding season may be registered on the Team Registration form via postal service or the Internet. New players to the League must register in person at the MUSL office or at a time and location designated by the Registrar, presenting valid picture ID.

3.2.3 New players under 18 years of age shall be required to bring their parent or guardian to the registration, and both shall have to present valid identification to the Registrar.

3.2.4 Any player, coach, or manager who is found guilty of having provided false information shall be suspended and penalized with a fine to be determined by the Board.

3.3.1 All players must attain the age requirement of their age group on or before their first game. Age groups are defined in section 2.4.1 of the Bylaws.

3.3.2 Until 12/31/12 Over 50 teams are permitted three (3) players who have attained the age of 48 before their first game.

3.3.3 Only players who:
a) Have properly registered and are not under suspension,
b) Have served their eight (8) day waiting period following a transfer (see Section 3.3.4), and are not under suspension and
c) Have Amateur status, shall be eligible to compete in MUSL competitions

3.3.4 Players transferring from one team to another will not be eligible for competition until eight (8) days have elapsed after the last MUSL game played by the player with his previous team.

3.3.5 A player may play for only one team in each age group, providing that he/she is in good standing and meets the age requirement for that category.

3.3.6 A player whose team has completed its seasonal schedule may not transfer to another team in the same age group during that same season.

3.3.7 No player may transfer to another team within the same age group after the official end of the season.

3.3.8 The use of ineligible player(s) in any game will result in game forfeiture and a fine for each incident (see Fees and Fines in APPENDIX A). Additional infractions will result in a team suspension.

3.3.9 Opposing coaches, referees or any Board official may verify the eligibility of any player by checking their identification such as driver’s license or any governmental picture I.D.

3.4.1 Not later than by the first Manager’s Meeting of the season, managers shall present to the League Administrator a list of dates on which they wish their team to be excused from league competition for the purpose of holding team or club events.

3.4.2 Not later than by the start of the first Membership Meeting of the season, Managers shall present to the League Administrator the name of their team’s home field, accompanied by a map of the field’s location. If home field is not yet available, managers must provide it as soon as possible thereafter.

3.4.3 At the 1st Membership Meeting of the season, the Scheduler shall present a preliminary schedule of games. Updates and corrections to this schedule must be communicated to the Scheduler at that meeting or as soon as possible.

3.4.4 At the 2nd Membership Meeting of the season, the Scheduler will present the Final League Schedule

3.4.5 Team Managers shall have the authority to agree on a game duration of less than ninety (90) minutes. Such abbreviated game durations must be communicated to the referee before the start of any match. At all times, the halves of any game must be of equal length.

3.4.6 In the absence of a USSF certified referee, Team managers shall have the authority to agree upon a person to be designated at match time to act as a referee in this emergency

3.5.1 Once the final schedule has been distributed, a team may petition the Scheduler for a schedule change.
a) Both teams must agree to the date, time, and venue of the rescheduled game before petitioning the Scheduler for a change.
b) A “Request For Game Change” form must be submitted to the Scheduler at least ten (10) days prior to the rescheduled date.

3.5.2 Managers are required to inform the league in writing on the Game Report Form of their desire to reschedule any game that had not been played to its completion. Later requests for rescheduling of games may be granted only at the discretion of the Board.

3.5.3 The Scheduler and the Administrator must approve all schedule changes. The team requesting the schedule change will also be responsible for any fees that may arise from the schedule change. If there is a dispute between two team managers over rescheduling, the Scheduler shall settle the issue. Each team shall submit to the Scheduler a list of available dates, locations, and times. The Commissioner will use the home team’s regular game day, location and time as a base line.

3.5.4 When a game that was ended (terminated or abandoned) short of full time due to weather or darkness, such a game must be replayed, unless both managers agree to let the score stand. This agreement must be indicated on the “Game Report” form.

3.5.5 The Board shall have the authority to reschedule games only for the following reasons:
a) The scheduled game conflicts with an MSA approved Cup competition which the team has entered.
b) The original field or time slot is unavailable.
c) If no USSF certified referee was available for the middle and no suitable person to officiate could be agreed upon between the managers of the respective teams. . However, uncertified persons shall always be permissible as Assistant Referees.
d) The referee terminates a game before the full 90 minutes have expired due to weather or field conditions. e) Requests for schedule changes in the Open Age Group for reasons other than those listed in subparagraphs a) through d) above shall be charged with a “Schedule Change Fee”, (see APPPENDIX A) if the opponent agrees to that change. That fee shall be equally divided between the league and the opponent of the requesting team.

3.5.6 The Board shall have the authority to refuse to reschedule games for the following reasons: a) If the referee terminates a game due to the misconduct of any player, manager, coach or fan of a team. The guilty team will forfeit the game to its opponent by a score of 5-0. The team will also subject to punitive action by the league (see section 3.15.1). If both teams are at fault, they shall both be subject to punitive action by the league (see section 3.15.1) and the game shall be recorded as “No Result”. b) Any unplayed or incomplete game not rescheduled (as prescribed in paragraph 3.5.5) within ten (10) days of the original schedule shall be forfeited by a score of 5 - 0 by home the team if: 1. The home team failed to present a reasonable time and place for the game to be played. 2. The “Request for Rescheduling” was not submitted within ten (10) days. 3. The home team failed to field at least seven (7) players within 15 minutes of kick-off time. c) Any unplayed or incomplete game not rescheduled (as prescribed in paragraph 3.5.5) within ten (10) days of the original schedule shall be forfeited by a score of 5 - 0 by the visiting team if: 1. The visiting team refuses the “Request for Rescheduling”. 2. The visiting team failed to field at least seven (7) players within 15 minutes of kick-off time.

3.5.7 In exceptional situations not included above, the Director of Competition shall have the authority to decide whether to re-schedule or not, and notify both teams and the League Scheduler.

3.6.1 This League will abide by FIFA Rules except as modified hereafter.

3.6.2 Substitutions Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed by either team
a) At Half time or the beginning of extended time,
b) After a goal has been scored,
c) On any goal kick,
d) When play was stopped for an injury (injured player only),
e) When play was stopped by the referee to administer a caution, both players involved in that incident may be substituted
f) By the team awarded a throw-in,
g) Over 50 teams only may also substitute at any throw-in.

3.6.3 Substituted payers may re-enter the game.

3.7.1 Managers, Coaches and team representatives shall be required to attend all Managers’ Meetings (see 3.1.1-e)

3.7.2 Before the start of a game, the Manager/Coach of the home team must provide:
a) A lined field that meets FIFA requirements (Law 1-The Field of Play)
b) Goal nets
c) Corner flags
d) Change of colors (uniform jerseys)

3.7.3 Before the start of the game, each team manager must present the game officials with:
a) Compensation; each team paying half of the total fee (see Table of Fees and fines in APPENDIX A)
b) A completed “MUSL Game Report”. Failure to use the authorized MUSL game sheet (Game Report Form) may be subject to a fine (see APPENDIX A, Fees and Fines). Continued use of handwritten insertion of players’ names may result in disciplinary action and/or fine
c) Ineligible and/or absent players must have a line drawn through their name. Players serving a suspension must be listed in the “Suspended Player” section
d) A pre-addressed, stamped envelope for mailing the Game Reports (home team only)
e) The pass cards of his/her players. (The referee will return the pass cards to the manager/coach at the end of the game, except those of players sent off which shall be sent to the MUSL office together with the referee’s game report)
f) If pass card(s) is/are not available at the start of the game, the player/s must show a picture ID to the referee and must print and sign his/her name on the back of the white copy of the Game Report. Failure to follow this procedure may serve as basis for a game protest and result in game forfeiture

3.7.4 All players are required to wear uniform jerseys with numbers.

3.7.5 Both teams must be assembled and ready to play at the scheduled kick-off time. A minimum of seven (7) players is required to start any league game. The referee shall allow fifteen (15) minutes for the seventh player to take the field.
a) If this doesn’t happen, the referee shall abandon the game and the team with the insufficient number of players will forfeit the match.
b) If at any time during play a team drops below the minimum of seven (7) players, the referee shall abandon the game and the team with too few players will forfeit.
c) If a team has fielded a minimum of seven (7) players within the 15 minute grace period granted by the referee as mandated by the MUSL, the referee shall start the game clock with no loss of time and two (2) 45 minute halves shall commence.

3.7.6 Any team that fails to take the field with a minimum of seven (7) players within fifteen (15) minutes of its scheduled game time shall forfeit that game to its opponent by a score of 5-0.

3.7.7 Upon conclusion of the game, both managers/coaches shall check the referee’s entries into the Game Report for accuracy and completeness before signing the Game Report, making sure that:
a) The final score is noted correctly
b) The scores are attributed to the correct players
c) The reasons for cautions or send-offs are provided
d) Any injuries have been noted
e) A request for re-scheduling may be entered into the Game Report if the game was not played to full time for any reason

3.8.1 Game protests may be submitted for infractions of the above rules. Any team protesting a game must do so in writing or via e-mail to the Director of Competition within three (3) days following the game with a copy of the protest provided to the opposing team manager. A partially refundable Protest Fee shall be required (see Fees and Fines, APPENDIX A). A game must actually have been played to be protested.

3.8.2 The Commissioner shall render a decision to both involved Team Managers within one (1) week of receiving the game report. Telephone protests are not acceptable.

3.9.1 Referee fees will be determined by the Board prior to each season (see Fees and Fines, APPENDIX A). Referees are assigned through the Referee Assignor of the Michigan Referee Committee (not the MUSL Scheduler).

3.9.2 Coaches/Managers are encouraged to evaluate the performance of referees by writing their comments on the back of the white copy of the Game Report, or on the MUSL Referee Evaluation Form, in an e-mail, or in a letter. The League Secretary will forward this information to the State Referee Administrator (SRA) and Referee Assignor.

3.9.3 The League Board has the authority to request that a certain referee no longer be assigned to a specific team.

3.9.4 Instructions to Referees from USSF Rules
a) The referee may terminate a match for reasons of safety (bad weather or darkness), for any serious infringement of “The Laws”, or because of interference by spectators. Only the League, not the referee, has the authority to declare a winner, a forfeit, and/or no result or order a replay of the match in its entirety. The referee must report fully on the events
b) The referee may abandon a match if there is an insufficient number of players to meet the requirements of “The Laws” or the competition, if a team does not appear or leaves before competition of the game has begun, or if the field or any of its equipment do not meet the requirements of “The Laws” or are otherwise unsafe. An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise

3.10.1 A player who has been issued a third caution (yellow card) during the course of one season shall stand suspended for the next regularly scheduled League game or Founder’s Cup game. It shall be the team manager’s responsibility to insure that this suspension is served and he/she shall put a note to this effect into the Game Report. Failure to comply with these requirements shall make the affected player ineligible, and will subject the team to forfeiture of the game as well as subject to punitive action by the League (see section 3.15.1)

3.10.2 Upon the fifth (5th) caution (yellow card) accumulated during one season, the player must serve another one (1) game suspension, which shall be served in the next regularly scheduled League game or MUSL Cup game

3.10.3 Upon the sixth (6th) caution accumulated during one season, the player in question shall stand suspended and not be reinstated until he has appeared at a disciplinary hearing before the MUSL Board, at which time, the terms of his suspension will be decided

3.10.4 In tabulating cautions (yellow cards) for the above purpose, second cautions issued by a referee to the same player during one (1) game shall not be counted (as these are in effect send-off’s or red cards). 3.11 EJECTIONS (RED CARDS)

3.11.1 a) A player who is sent of the field of play for “Serious Foul Play”, as defined by “The Laws of the Game”, shall stand suspended for next regularly scheduled League or MUSL Cup game b) A player who is sent of the field of play for “Violent Conduct”, as defined by “The Laws of the Game”, shall stand suspended for two of the next regularly scheduled League or MUSL Cup games. c) In either case, the Director of Discipline may extend the suspension, depending on the nature of the offense.

3.11.2 Any player who is sent off the field of play for a third time during the same season shall stand suspended until he has appeared before the MUSL Board, at which time the Board shall have the authority to determine the disposition of the matter.

3.11.3 All disciplinary actions of this League shall be in conformity with its Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations.

3.11.4 The team of any player who is sent off the field of play by the referee for any red card violation shall be fined (see Fees & Fines in APPENDIX A). This does not include send-offs due to a second cautionable offense.

3.12.1 Appeal and disciplinary hearing procedures are governed by the MUSL “Appeals Procedure”, which is published in part four (4) of this document. Fines shall be set annually by the Board (see Fees and Fines in APPENDIX A), and must be published at, or before, the second Managers’ Meeting of each year.

3.12.2 The Board, at its discretion, may:
a) Add to any MSA disciplinary action taken against an individual or team.
b) Act unilaterally to issue disciplinary actions against an individual or team.
c) Suspend, fine, or terminate (or any combination thereof) the membership of any Member of the MUSL if the Board determines that the conduct of the member and/or team is adverse to the best interests of soccer or the MUSL
d) Suspend, fine, or terminate (or any combination thereof) any member and/or team that has not complied with the requirements of its membership in the MUSL

3.12.3 The membership of a member and/or team whose suspension is in effect on the last day of a seasonal year is terminated as of the first day of the next seasonal year unless the Board of Directors provides otherwise.

3.12.4 Suspensions and other disciplinary actions taken by the MUSL Board and/or Discipline Chair shall be recognized by the MUSL and it’s membership upon notification. Determination of a suspension exceeding four (4) games by the MUSL Board and/or Director of Discipline shall entitle the party subject to the action to an appeal hearing before the Board (see section 4.0-4.5).

3.13.1 Games may be ruled a forfeit by the league for:
a) Use of an ineligible player (see 3.3)
b) Failure to field a team by the scheduled kick-off time (see 3.9.5 and 3.9.6)
c) Inability to complete a game with the minimum number of players required ( see 3.9.6)
d) Causing the referee to terminate a game short of full time because of misconduct (see 3.7.4 – e and 3.16.6 – b)
e) Failure to schedule a game by the published “play-by” date or “make-up” date (see 3.7.4 – f)

3.13.2 A team forfeiting a game shall lose the match by a score of 5:0

3.13.3 A team forfeiting a game may be subject to punitive action by the league based on the discretion of the Director of Discipline. 3.13.4 The forfeiting team shall stand suspended until the fine, if imposed, has been paid.

3.14.1 The League shall annually conduct a competition in honor of the founders of the league.

3.14.2 Teams registered at the start of the Spring Session and in good standing with the MUSL and the MSA will automatically be included in the Founders Cup competition, except any team may opt out of that year’s Cup competition by written notice to the Competitions Director within the time prescribed by that Director.

3.14.3 Cup games will be scheduled in conjunction with the regular League schedule with parings to be drawn at the second Managers’ Meeting of the season. The first team of each pair shall be the home team.

3.14.4 The tournament will be a single game elimination. The Open division shall compete in a single group, Over 30 1st and 2nd division teams shall compete in one group, and the Over 30 3rd and 4th and 5th division in a second group. The Over 40 division teams and the Over 50 teams shall each compete in their own age group.

3.14.5 A player may play for only one team in each age group of the MUSL Cup, providing that he/she is in good standing and meets the age requirement.

3.14.6 Competition Rules Rules for the Founders Cup shall be the same as for league games except as noted hereafter.
a) If a Cup game has to be abandoned due to darkness, weather, or field conditions, then the game must be replayed in its entirety
b) If a Cup game was terminated short of full time by the referee due to the misconduct of players or fans, the Board shall hear the case in a disciplinary hearing and determine the disposition of the game
c) All Cup games scheduled must start no later than 6:30 p.m. unless they are played on lighted fields or have been approved by the responsible Director.

Amendments to the Rules and Regulations may be made at any MUSL Managers’ or Board meeting and shall require a simple majority of the votes cast for adoption.


4.1.1 To establish a general policy and procedure which ensures that disputes between Members of this League and the Directors of the League and/or the Board will be resolved in a fair and efficient manner, protecting the rights of all parties.

4.2.1 It shall be the policy of the League Board to uphold the laws of the MUSL as laid out in the latest revision of its Constitution, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations where these are not in conflict with the rules of the Michigan Soccer Association (MSA), while at the same time insuring that these laws are not applied in an arbitrary or capricious manner.

4.3.1 Upon receipt of an Appeal, the President shall appoint an Appeals Committee of five (5) members from among the members of the Board and team managers.

4.3.2 No Member of the Appeals Committee hearing a protest or appeal shall be in any manner connected, affiliated or involved with either party to the Protest or Appeal.

4.3.3 The Chair of the Rules Committee shall serve as the Secretary of the Appeals Committee and shall insure that a detailed record of the Hearing is recorded.

4.3.4 Protests of game results based on an infraction of League rules shall be the responsibility of the Director for Competition in the first instance as outlined in Rules & Regulations 3.10.

4.4.1 Appeals from decisions of a Commissioner or the Board shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary within five (5) days from receipt of the oral or written decision of the Commissioner.

4.4.2 The appeal must be accompanied by:
a) an Appeals Fee and
b) a Filing Fee. The amount of these fees shall be set annually by the Board (see Fees and Fines in APPENDIX A).

4.4.3 The Appeal must contain
a) The date of the decision or action
b) The reason for the appeal, e.g. violation of the Rules Regulations, By-Laws, Laws of the Game, etc. c) Any pertinent documentation available to the appellant d) A list of any documentation not available to the appellant which might be pertinent to the issue

4.4.4 The appellant must send a copy of the appeal to: a) The respective Director against whose decision the appeal is directed b) The other party involved in the case (defendant)

4.4.5 The Administrator shall make every effort to obtain the documents that were not available at the time the appeal was filed.

4.4.6 The Secretary shall establish a log of all documentation received, starting with the appeal, followed by the original decision against which the appeal is directed, and all other documentation pertinent to the appeal, including referee reports, copies of Rules, By-Laws, police reports, affidavits and depositions of witnesses.

4.4.7 Upon receipt by the Secretary of all documentation required, the Appeals Chair shall schedule a hearing of the Appeal, ensuring that both principals in the case are available to attend at the proposed time of the hearing, and providing at least ten (10) days prior notice to the involved parties. The ten (10) day notice may be reduced by the mutual consent of the Appeals Chair and all interested parties.

4.4.8 The Secretary shall notify all Committee members and the involved principals via e-mail and in writing (via postal service) of the time, date and location of the hearing, and advise the principals of their right to bring witnesses (limited to three (3)) and of their right to representation by their Team Manager.

4.4.9 The Secretary shall also advise the involved parties that failure to appear at the hearing shall be deemed as conceding the matter under dispute, and as accepting the decision of the MUSL Appeals Committee on the evidence available at the hearing.

4.5.1 The Chair shall call the hearing to order when the Appeals Committee and the principals are present. Witnesses shall not be present during the hearing of arguments but shall be heard after the presentations of the principals.

4.5.2 The Chair shall introduce the subject of the hearing, including:
a) The names of the parties to the appeal (appellant(s) and defendant(s))
b) The event prompting the decision of the respective Director or the League
c) The ground on which the decision is appealed, such as the rules involved or other evidence
d) Ask the Secretary to read any documentation that had not been furnished to one of the parties in the matter

4.5.3 The Appellant shall be asked to present his/her case, including arguments why the decision should not stand, any evidence supporting the appeal, and any witnesses available.

4.5.4 The Chair and the Committee may question the appellant and/or witnesses.

4.5.5 The Director shall be asked to present his case.

4.5.6 The Chairperson and the Committee may question the Commissioner and/or witnesses.

4.5.7 Any witnesses may be recalled for questioning by the Committee.

4.5.8 The Appellant may present a closing statement.

4.5.9 The Commissioner may present a closing statement.

4.5.10 The contending parties and their witnesses will be excused and the Committee will commence deliberations of its decision in executive session.

4.5.11 The Committee will render its decision within forty-eight (48) hours to both, Appellant and Commissioner, including instructions for appeal to the MSA, and turn the file with all documentation pertaining to the case over to the Secretary.

4.5.12 A written notice of the decision of the Appeals Committee, including the reason for such decision and directions for further appeals shall be sent to the Appellant and Defendant within ten (10) days of the Hearing.

4.5.13 Appellants whose appeal is upheld by the Appeals Committee shall be refunded the appeal fee. The filing fee shall be retained by the League.