Benefits of this Partnership



            The MUSL will benefit from this partnership with Adidas Soccer in three ways.  First of all, we will receive a return of 10% of the gross value of the purchases made by our teams through this program.  We will receive this 10% in the form of equipment such as balls, trophies and other Adidas equipment.



            The second, and probably the most important benefit is our Teams will receive a 35% discount on all Team orders placed from the 2010 Adidas catalog.  This discount will apply to uniforms, bags, training suits, and other apparel.  Adidas has mandated that all purchases be made through George’s Soccer, this term was not negotiable.  If you are interested and didn’t receive a catalog at the Managers meeting, stop by George’s Soccer (Troy or Southfield), or visit their website (see below) for store locations and hours.  You can also see the 2010 Adidas catalog at Http://



            Last, but certainly not least, each member (player or manager/coach) will receive a 15% discount on all regularly priced items in the store, i.e., shoes, socks and other items.  This is a great way to support our league, teams, players and our community.