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1. Be at field with your team assembled and ready to play at kick-off time. (Suggest that you arrive ½ hour before game time.)

2. Manager of the home team is responsible for a lined field that meets FIFA requirements, goal nets, and corner flags.

3. Bring with you –
a) Player pass cards for each player playing that day. Make sure the “2010” sticker is on the back of card.
b) Score sheet (1 printed set of white, yellow & pink). Cross out players not playing that day. Also, cross out suspended players and write their names at the bottom of the sheet under “Suspensions”.
c) Money for Refs - $70 (cash) per game
d) Stamped/addressed envelope – Home team manager gives to Ref

4. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans. Families with children often attend the games, so let’s try to keep profanity and violent conduct out of the game.

5. If visiting team shows up with the same color jersey as the home team, the home team must use a different color. Many teams just use numbered white T-shirts for emergencies.

6. All jerseys must be numbered – no duplicate numbers are to be used.

7. All players must be duly registered. If it’s found out that you used an unregistered player, you forfeit the game and are subject to a fine and possible disciplinary action.

8. We suggest that you not sign the score sheet until after the game. This way you have a chance to look it over and see that the Ref has assigned the goals and cards (if any) to the appropriate players.

Team managers are responsible for the payment of the MUSL team fees. You must make payments in a timely manner or risk forfeiting games until payment is made. The payment schedule is as follows:

1. First payment due on May 31st.
2. Second payment is due on June 30th.
3. Final payment is due on July 31st.
It is up to you to collect from your players and/or sponsors.

Go to for the complete MUSL Bylaws and Constitution. Take the time to at least read Part 3: Rules & Regulations. This covers things like player substitutions, red & yellow card procedures, fines & fees, appeal procedures, player transfers, rescheduling games, and more. If you can’t find the answer to your questions on the MUSL website, you can send an e-mail to or call the MUSL Office at 248-288-6875 (see the website for office hours) or call Larry Myers’ cell 248-495-4368.

It is critical that you and your assistant manager have valid e-mail addresses. In a league as large as ours, e-mail is the fastest and most economical way of communicating with you. You will be contacted through e-mail for game changes and other important information. This means you need to check your e-mail frequently during the season, at least every couple of days. If you change your e-mail address, you must give us your new e-mail address as soon as possible. If you have never received an e-mail message from the MUSL Office, contact Larry Myers as we may have an incorrect e-mail address for you. You should also get in the habit of checking the MUSL website for general news, schedules and standings.