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2.1.1 Board meetings shall be held every month or as needed. Meeting times and places will be determined at the convenience of the Board.

2.1.2 Membership Meetings shall be held prior to the start of any season. Notification of such meetings shall be given to all League members at least fourteen (14) days prior to such a meeting via postal service and e-mail.

2.1.3 The agenda for all meetings shall be as follows:
a) Call to order
b) Roll call
c) Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting
d) Correspondence
e) Reports 1. President 2. Vice-President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer 5. Registrar 6. Directors 7 Administrator 8. Committee Chairs 9. Directors at Large 10. Outside Services
f) Old Business
g) New Business 1. Election of Officers (at AGM only) 2. Adoption of Budget (at AGM only) 3. Consideration of rule changes 4. Consideration of renewal of affiliation with the MSA (at AGM only)
h) For the Good of the Game i) Adjournment

2.1.4 “Robert’s Rules of Order” latest edition shall govern the conduct of all meetings of the Board and all other meetings of the League.

2.1.5 Special Meetings may be called by the President upon receipt of a written request from a Board member, or by request of at least ten (10) team representatives. Such request shall be in writing, providing the reason for requesting such a meeting, addressed to the League Secretary, and mailed to the address of the League.

2.1.6 The League shall hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the second Thursday in November. Representatives from teams in good standing shall elect Officers of the League; consider approval of the budget, adoption of any changes to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations, and all other business pertinent to the League.

2.1.7 A quorum at the AGM, any Membership and/or Special Meetings shall be a simple majority of the “Members in good standing".

2.1.8 A quorum for Board Meetings shall be four (4) members in addition to the President. If the Vice President is presiding in the absence of the President, the same rule for a quorum shall be in effect.

2.1.9 Committees may be appointed by the President as needed. Chairpersons of committees shall be elected by the committee members. All committee chairpersons will report directly to the Board.

2.1.10 a) Any team which is duly registered with this League and is in good standing shall have the right to one (1) vote at any AGM, Membership, or Special Meeting. Only the team’s official representatives or alternate on record with the Registrar shall have the right to cast a team’s vote at Membership and/or Special Meetings, or for the election of officers. b) A team’s “official” representative” may delegate his voting rights to a person of his/her choice by means of a letter to this effect, to be presented to the Secretary at the start of the meeting.

2.2.1 Elections of all officers, shall take place at the AGM. To be elected, a candidate must be nominated by a Member in Good Standing and receive a majority of the eligible Member votes cast.

2.2.2 The term of office shall be two (2) years, except Directors shall be elected annually.

2.2.3 The President, Secretary, and the Commissioners for Roster & Statistics and for Discipline shall be elected in even numbered years.

2.2.4 The Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar, and the Commissioners for Competitions and for Schedule shall be elected in odd numbered years.

2.2.5 Board Members shall continue in office until their successors have been duly elected or appointed and, together with the newly elected officers, carry on their duties until the end of the current year.

2.2.6 Directors and Officers shall not be personally liable to the Corporation or its Members for breach of the Directors’ or Officers’ fiduciary duty except as provided by statute.

2.2.7 The Michigan United Soccer League assumes all liability to any person other than the Corporation or its Members for all acts, or omissions of a volunteer Director or Officer, occurring on or after January 1, 1988, committed in the good faith performance of the duties of the volunteer Director or Officer.

2.3.1 The President shall oversee the affairs of the League and shall preside over all Board and Membership Meetings. He shall:
a) Vote at Board meetings only to break a tie
b) At Membership Meetings, if the President is a team’s representative, the President must pass the chair to the Vice-President before the President may cast his team’s vote
c) Appoint committees as needed
d) Present the “State of the League” report at the AGM
e) Serve as Ex-Officio member on all Committees 2.3.2 The President, the Secretary and the Registrar shall act as an Emergency Committee to make decisions that are required immediately. All decisions of this committee are subject to the approval of the Board at its next meeting.

2.3.3 The Vice-President, in the President’s absence, shall assume the duties of the President. He shall:
a) Be the League’s official representative at the Michigan Soccer Association’s meetings,
b) Attend all non-league functions that are recommended by the Board,
c) Provide the Board a complete report of all meetings and functions attended at the next scheduled meeting of the Board,

2.3.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for, and maintain a record of, all league correspondence, and record the minutes of all board or Membership meetings. 2.3.5 The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records, and bank accounts of the League. He shall:
a) Prepare a budget for the next season and submit this budget for approval at the AGM.
b) Prepare and submit all documents needed by the State and Federal taxing agencies
c) Prepare an Income statement and a balance sheet for submission at the AGM
d) Be responsible for all fund raising activities
e) Report the latest bank balances to the Board at each Board Meeting
f) Require the approval of the Board for the opening or closing of any bank accounts on behalf of this league

2.3.6 The Registrar shall be responsible for the registration of all players, coaches or managers. He shall be responsible for the maintenance of all registration and suspension records, player audit procedures, and the issuance player pass cards.

2.3.7 The league shall have four (4) Directors whose duties shall be as follows.
a) DIRECTOR – ROSTER & STATISTICS This Director shall be in charge of anything relating to rosters and score-sheets, including (1) Improvements to forms/procedures (2) Enforcement of form/procedure usage (3) Enforcement of player/roster eligibility issues (4) Data entry and tracking of statistics (5) Follow-up on missing score-sheets (6) Tracking referee attendance (7) Sending yellow/red card data to Director in charge of discipline
b) DIRECTOR - DISCIPLINE This Director shall be responsible for all disciplinary issues (1) Tracking yellow cards (Cautions), 3-5-6 rule (2) Issuing and enforcing consistent suspensions and maintaining a record of these. (3) Tracking/monitoring players with violent infractions (4) Keeping up-to-date on MSA suspensions (5) Serving on the MSA Disciplinary Committee
c) DIRECTOR - COMPETITION This Director shall be in charge of the Founders’ Cup, including (1) Heading the Cup Committee (2) Making sure that teams are playing or re-scheduling their games by the specified dates (3) Be responsible to keep up on state and national tournaments of interest to our members (4) Insuring that teams entered in state or national competitions have submitted the proper paperwork and are MSA eligible d) DIRECTOR - SCHEDULE This Director shall be in charge of all scheduling (1) Work with teams to create an initial schedule (2) Approve all schedule changes (3) Enforce scheduling rules (4) Resolve disputes between teams on scheduling issues (5) Ensure that games are played in a timely fashion

2.3.8 The Board may engage “outside services” (i.e. Scheduler, Office Administrator, etc.) as the need arises. Proposals for these services must be in writing and received by the League’s Secretary 30 days prior to the AGM. The Board will present the “best” proposal at the AGM for membership approval. The terms and conditions of such services shall be detailed in a contract to be signed by both parties.

2.3.9 No Board Member will make any unilateral decisions that concern the MUSL. No Board Member may use the MUSL in any way for his own personal gain. Board Members shall continue in office until their successors have been duly elected or appointed and, together with the newly elected officers, carry on their duties until the end of the current year. Any Board Member absent without excuse from three consecutive Board Meetings shall forfeit, without further formality, his/her membership on the Board.

2.3.10 Board Members may be removed from office for cause by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Membership. Vacancies within the Board shall be filled by appointment by the President, with the approval of the majority of the Board.

2.4.1 League competitions shall be divided into four (4) age groups as follows: a) Open Group (Players of any age) Youth players (under 18) shall require the approval of their parent or legal guardian and of their youth team manager and the Youth Association to retain their youth eligibility. b) Over 30 Group (Players 30 years or older before their first game in that competition) c) Over 40 Group (Players 40 years or older before their first game in that competition) d) Over 50 Group (Players 50 years or older before their first game in that competition) e) Female competitions may be set up along the above age grouping if at least four (4) teams are available to join one such age group.

2.4.2 The above Groups may be further split into Divisions as the number of teams in each group may require

2.4.3 With the consent of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, the MUSL will operate an U-15 through U-19 Youth competition for boys and girls. These competitions shall take place after the Youth spring program has been completed, and terminate before August 1st annually. The objective of this competition is to bridge the gap between youth and adult soccer. a) Current member teams of the MSYSA, or teams formed for the purpose of participating in this summer league shall be accepted into this competition.
b) A player’s registration to a Summer Team shall not extend beyond that summer’s competition.
c) The player insurance provided by the MSYSA shall be valid for competition in the MUSL. Teams shall be charged reduced affiliation and registration fees.
d) All teams must be supervised by an adult. Any adult acting as a Coach, Manager, Trainer or in any other capacity having contact with the team, must have a current Risk Management” card. During games, this card, and a pass card, shall be displayed on a lanyard by all adults on the team bench.
e) The referee shall remove all who do not comply with this requirement.
f) Team Administrators, Coaches, and Managers shall be required to obtain “Risk Management” certification per article 2.8 of the Rules and Regulations of the MSYSA.
g) The rules of the competition for these youth teams shall be the same as those for the other MUSL age groups. h) The number of games and the schedule of these games shall be determined by the mangers of the teams entered into that competition.

2.5.1 New teams entering the League may be placed in the lowest division of their age group for fair and equal competition.

2.5.2 The Board, at its discretion, may place a new team in a different division for fair and equal competition.

2.5.3 The Board, at its discretion, may place a new team in any division to fill a vacancy left by a team no longer participating in the MUSL

2.6.1 At the conclusion of a seasonal league competition, the team alignment may be revised to allow for promotion and relegation.

2.6.2 The relative standings of teams in their respective division shall be determined by awarding three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and no points for a loss.

2.6.3 The first and second place teams in the final divisional standings may be promoted to the next higher division in their age group, except the teams of the First Division. The two teams on the bottom of their divisional league standings may be relegated to the next lower division in their age group, except for the teams of the lowest Division.

2.6.4 Any team may petition the Board for placement in another division. The petition must be in writing and received by the first League Membership Meeting of the season.

2.6.5 The Board, at its discretion, may move a team to another division to promote fair competition.

2.6.6 The following criteria shall be used in order to determine the divisional standings of teams: 1. Points 2. Head to head 3. Head to head goal differential 4. Number of games won 5. Goal Differential with maximum of +5 per match 6. Goals scored with maximum of +5 per match 7. Coin toss

2.7.1 The Board shall have the authority to assess fees for the normal cost of ongoing operations of the League, including the annual affiliation and registration fees

2.7.2 A Team failing to pay any fees due the MUSL in a timely manner shall be provided notice of the delinquency. If those fees are not paid within 30 days after the notice of delinquency, the delinquent team shall be suspended from membership in the MUSL, be reported to the MSA, and face forfeiture of all games, unless otherwise provided an exception by the MUSL Board of Directors.

2.7.3 All Affiliation and Registration Fees are to be paid not later than indicated by the following schedule: Annual Affiliation Fee to be paid by the first Manager’s Meeting of the season One third of registration fees to be paid by May 31 Another third of remaining fees to be paid by June 30 The last third of remaining fees to be paid by July 31

2.7.4 The Board must have the prior approval from the general Membership to engage in a contractual agreement with an outside individual or organization that shall involve, or may be likely to exceed the sum of $2,000 (two thousand dollars).

2.7.5 The Board shall appoint, at the conclusion of seasonal league competition, three (3) trustees from the general Membership who shall review all the financial records of the League for the calendar year. The trustees shall report their findings to the Board and the general membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

2.8.1 Amendments to the Bylaws may be made at any regular MUSL meeting. The amendments must be in writing and received by the League Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. A simple majority of the Membership present is required for adoption

2.8.2 Amendments from the floor shall be considered at any General Membership Meeting and require a two/thirds (2/3) majority of the Members present for adoption.