The Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL) was born as a result of a conversation among some youth soccer coaches over 31 years ago, decrying the lack of a league for “older” (over 30 years of age) players. Sam Mebius was the driving force in getting the league organized in the fall of 1979, and, for a while, was its sole administrator/commissioner. In 1981 Sam was joined by Harold Kirkwood, Frank Butterworth, John Genn and Sam Lucido in forming the first MUSL Board. The MUSL started with five teams: Royal Oak Roccers, Ferndale Internationals, Warren USA, Warren Over the Hill, and Troy United. Eventually, as the league continued to grow (and as we all got older), an “Over 40” division was formed, and in 2001 we added an “Over 50” division. Who knows – maybe someday we’ll add an “Over 60”!